This is only a collection of programming fonts,just share this with the programmers.Now there are 27 kinds of fantastic fonts!

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If you have a try of another kind of programming font,maybe you can have a new different feeling of coding which will make you feel fabulous,so just have a try!

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What’s this?

This is only a collection of programming fonts,just share this with the programmers.

All the fonts are from the internet.If I have copyright infringement,please tell me to remove the fonts.

The following fonts are here:

1.Source Code Pro

Information Description
Designer(s) Paul D. Hunt
Foundry Adobe Systems
Date created 2012
License SIL Open Font License


Source Code Pro/Extra Light/16:

2.Courier New

Information Description
Classification Slab serif
Designer(s) Adrian Frutiger
Foundry IBM
Date created 6 November 2009


Courier New/Regular/16:

3.Andale Mono

Information Description
Designer(s) Steve Matteson
Foundry Monotype Imaging, Inc.
Date created 1993


Andale Mono/Regular/16:


| Information | Description | ——————- | ———– | Designer(s) | Susan Kare Kris Holmes | Foundry | Apple Inc. | Date created | Unknown Replaced by Menlo in 2009.




Information Description
Designer(s) Tobias Benjamin Köhler
Date created Unknown




Information Description
Designer(s) Tristan Grimmer
Official Site


7.Droid Sans Mono

| Information | Description | ——————- | ———– | Designer(s) | Steve Matteson | Foundry | Ascender Corp. | Date created | Unknown | License | Apache License Upload date = 2 January 2009


Droid Sans Mono/Regular/14:

8.Deja Vu Sans Mono

| Information | Description | ——————- | ———– | Designer(s) | Deja Vu | Date created | 2004 | License | Bitstream Vera Fonts Copyright,Arev Fonts Copyright | Official Site | Upload date = 23 July 2009


Deja Vu Sans Mono/Book/16:


Information Description
Designer(s) Luc(as) de Groot
Foundry Microsoft
Date created Unknown




Information Description
Designer(s) Raph Levien
Date created 2001
Design based on Consolas, Avenir, Letter Gothic
License SIL Open Font License



11.Fira Code

Information Description
Designer(s) Nikita Prokopov
Date created 2014
License SIL Open Font License

Fira Code/Regular/16:

  1. iosevka:

  1. Hasklig

  1. Inter UI

Inter UI is a typeface specially designed for user interfaces with focus on high legibility of small-to-medium sized text on computer screens.


  1. Input Mono

Input is a flexible system of fonts designed specifically for code by David Jonathan Ross. It offers both monospaced and proportional fonts, all with a large range of widths, weights, and styles for richer code formatting.


  1. Vintage Programming Fonts Pack:

This pack includes all the legendary fonts from the days of UNIX, TCP, and Mama Bell Labs.

Font Style Size in Pixels Size in Pts DOS Charset Extended Charset
AMI BIOS 8x8 6  
AMI BIOS-2y 8x16 12  
AmstradPC1512 8x8 6
AmstradPC1512-2y 8x16 12
AT&T PC6300 8x16 12  
AT&T PC6300-2x 16x16 12  
ATI 8x14 8x14 12  
ATI 8x16 8x16 12  
ATI 8x8 8x8 6  
ATI 8x8-2y 8x16 12  
ATI 9x14 9x14 12  
ATI 9x16 9x16 12  
ATI SmallW 6x8 6x8 6  
CompaqThin 8x14 8x14 12  
CompaqThin 8x16 8x16 12  
CompaqThin 8x8 8x8 6  
DTK BIOS 8x8 6  
DTK BIOS-2y 8x16 12  
IBM 3270pc 9x14 12  
IBM BIOS 8x8 6
IBM BIOS-2x 16x8 6
IBM BIOS-2y 8x16 12
IBM CGA 8x8 6
IBM CGA-2y 8x16 12
IBM CGAthin 8x8 6
IBM CGAthin-2y 8x16 12
IBM Conv 8x8 6  
IBM Conv-2x 16x8 6  
IBM Conv-2y 8x16 12  
IBM EGA8 8x14 12
IBM EGA8-2x 16x14 12
IBM EGA9 9x14 12
IBM EGA9-2x 18x14 12
IBM ISO8 8x16 12  
IBM ISO9 9x16 12  
IBM MDA 9x14 12
IBM PGC 8x16 12  
IBM PGC-2x 16x16 12  
IBM PS/2thin1 8x16 12  
IBM PS/2thin2 8x16 12  
IBM PS/2thin3 8x16 12  
IBM PS/2thin4 8x16 12  
IBM VGA8 8x16 12
IBM VGA8-2x 16x16 12
IBM VGA9 9x16 12
IBM VGA9-2x 18x16 12
ITT BIOS 8x8 6  
ITT BIOS-2y 8x16 12  
Kaypro2K 8x8 6  
Kaypro2K-2y 8x16 12  
Phoenix BIOS 8x8 6  
Phoenix BIOS-2y 8x16 12  
PhoenixEGA 8x14 8x14 12  
PhoenixEGA 8x16 8x16 12  
PhoenixEGA 8x8 8x8 6  
PhoenixEGA 8x8-2y 8x16 12  
PhoenixEGA 9x14 9x14 12  
TandyNew 225 8x9 9
TandyNew 225-2y 8x18 18
TandyNew Mono 9x14 12  
TandyNew TV 8x8 6
TandyNew TV-2y 8x16 12
TandyOld 225 8x9 9  
TandyOld 225-2y 8x18 18  
TandyOld TV 8x8 6  
TandyOld TV-2y 8x16 12  
ToshibaLCD 8x16 8x16 12  
ToshibaLCD 8x8 8x8 6  
Verite 8x14 8x14 12  
Verite 8x16 8x16 12  
Verite 8x8 8x8 6  
Verite 8x8-2y 8x16 12  
Verite 9x14 9x14 12  
Verite 9x16 9x16 12  
VGA SquarePx 8x19 18
VTech BIOS 8x8 6  
VTech BIOS-2y 8x16 12  
Wyse700a 16x16 12  
Wyse700a-2y 16x32 24  
Wyse700b 16x16 12  
Wyse700b-2y 16x32 24  
  1. Julia Mono:

Proggy Fonts


The fonts here maybe not the latest,and lack of some fonts,but I will update by continuous.


If you what to share the programming fonts that you know or update this project,you can fork this repository to contribute or tell me in the issues.